Baltic Amber Teething Necklace-Make The Right Selection Today

Baltic amber has been in use as part of custom in many areas of the world for a long time.This substance is preferred due to the fact that it is quite safe and also for its medicinal residential properties. Before it came to be utilized as a remedy for teething problems, it was also used for easing pain. People pertained to understand it’s fantastic facets only after it was made use of as a pain relief object. At present, parents are suggested to employ the item to make certain that their children are content during the teething phase It has analgesic and healing attributes that enables a kid to be comfy and gleeful. Thus, a moms and dad might remain cool and permit a youngster to employ it.

Besides the analgesic and healing aspects, it improves the immune system and offers a soothing feel to the skin when touched. The explanation is that it has a natural material. This substance is the reason for the Baltic amber’s capability to recover and eliminate acute pain in the body.

Previously, it could be bought only in some spots. But now, you could get the product in a number of spots. Currently, you might search for Baltic amber teething locket in shops where they offer baby goods apart from the chemist stores. Because of its condition, many brands are making the very same now. So it is not difficult to obtain it.

Baltic amber teething necklace ought to be bought if you have a child whose teething phase is about to commence. You may go to one of the spots mentioned above. Or if your time timetable is tight, you could go shopping online additionally. At present, having the ability to access the net is fairly a beneficial for everyone. For this reason, simply push the keys and buy the items.

Using the Baltic amber teething locket will prove extremely valuable for you. First of all, the discomfort alleviating power in this pendant is from natural source. This necklace can be used by both young and old individuals. Most of the time you will certainly find that people acquisition this necklace for their kids. These days also physicians recommend this locket as a pain reliever. Whenever anybody has teeth discomfort, they could use the Baltic amber teething locket.

There is a a great deal of people who are really happy with the outcome of the Baltic amber teething necklace. You will never feel sorry for using the Baltic Amber Teething Pendant. The very best thing that you will adore about this locket is that you will feel really happy about it. This pendant is so light that you will not feel its weight.

You will certainly locate that the amber necklace prices really reasonable. The Amber Teething Necklace can be paid for by everyone. There is no problem in buying the baltic amber teething necklace. Instead of providing extreme medications to your kid, you must buy the amber necklace. Your children will also like to put on this remarkable locket.

You can easily experience some reviews prior to purchasing Baltic amber teething necklace. This will permit you to recognize better and also do away with your doubts if you have any type of. The reviews are posted by clients thus, they are not prejudiced. You could possibly acquire once your concern is over and you know better.

Get Stabilized Voltage With Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Now you can protect all your machinery and electronic equipments from voltage fluctuations, by using Servo voltage stabilizer. These stabilizers are designed to suit best your needs. Servo is specialized in designing stabilizers of various powers, and various types. They stabilize the voltage and give protection to the equipment, and as a result the life of equipment is increased. As electronic equipments and machines may suffer from a great damage, if they will not get stabilized power supply.

Servo not only manufacture simple stabilizer but also controlled stabilizers and transformers. The Servo controlled Voltage Stabilizer can be controlled manually, the oil cooled and air cooled two types of controlled stabilizer can be opted. As single phase and Three phase they may suit your any requirement. We provide quality stabilizers. The single phase stabilizers are available in 1KVA-5KVA, and three phase in 5KVA-1000KVA capacity.

As a manufacturer we have may responsibilities towards our customers, so we provide quality product. For this we use best quality wires and motors in manufacturing all units. We here have huge range of products available with us, like transformers, step-up, step-down, online UPS, stabilizers etc. Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer is a brand name, known everywhere in INDIA. We have good customer base and feedback as well.

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In India our service is available almost everywhere. Servo is best known as a stabilizer, transformer and UPS manufacturing. Servo voltage stabilizer in Delhi not only serves in Delhi, but in all over India. Some of stabilizers also have LCD display, and are available in digital and analog both technologies.Our stabilizers are being used by many industries like IT companies, Hospitals, Factories, Homes, Office etc. The stabilizers can be used with any electronic equipment like AC, huge mechanical machines, Fridge, Printing and packaging machines etc Servo Manufacturer quality products like its step down transformer is hard wired with a heavy duty chord. So you can easily trust servo to protect and make safe all appliances and machines.

Properties of the Kaolin Powder

Natural mineral powders are extracted carefully and they have many uses which is a boon in the industrial applications. These powders are processed by experts checked and tested in the lab before supplying. The physical and chemical properties of these powders make it different than the other powders and sometimes these are combined with others for different applications. One of such powders is Kaolin powder which is lightweight and has many unique properties. The powder is used widely for different things and it is essential for different industrial applications as well.

Kaolin is a type of clay which is used for making medicines. It is also made in the laboratory. It is also useful for diagnosing the diseases. When Kaolin is combined with other products, it is used for curing diarrhea if it is applied on the skin, Kaolin acts as a drying agent. Some apply Kaolin directly on their skin with a wet dressing or as a dusting powder as it acts as a drying agent. Kaolin is used to prepare the tablets and filter the materials. It also removes color and is also used as a food additive.

  • What is Kaolin powder and how it is used

Kaolin Powder is highly efficient and reliable which is useful for several applications. Its PP compounds are used in appliances and automotive which help in several industrial applications as well. The powder is useful for making plastics and polymers, rubber parts, chemicals, rubber, paint and marine paint, ceramic it has many other uses.

The powder has many uses and it can be combined with other mineral powders as well. It should be free from impurities and must be tested so the industries can benefit greatly and make use of the powder in an appropriate way. One should buy the powder from a well known supplier who has a renowned name and runs a strict check of quality as well.

  • Role in pharmaceutical industry

The role of Kaolin powder in the pharmaceutical industry is quite vast and important. It is used in combination with different products to create medicines and dosages. It can be taken during pregnancy in appropriate amounts during pregnancy. Later, this powder was not used for making some medicines as the government did not approve it because of some harmful properties. Now it is not used for treating diarrhea because of some research work, but it still plays a major role in industry applications.

  • Other uses

Kaolin powder has many advantages and it is used in the paper industries, detergents and washing soap manufacturing units. To get maximum benefit, one must buy it from a renowned supplier only so there are fewer impurities. Moreover, the best suppliers run a strict quality check as well. It is perfect for being used in different industries and its unique characteristics. That makes it more powerful.

There are so many suppliers who offer a wide range of mica powder, different types of other powders, dolomite powder and much more. Renowned companies test it before supplying. They test it in the lab and give supreme quality.

What Is Break Bulk Cargo? Shipping Break Bulk Cargo

The shipping industry is an imperative part of any economy. It carries the major percentage of cargo that is transferred everyday worldwide. Shipping corporations provided services which involves movement of freight and items from one place to another. Ships can reach all continents and deliver cargo at the most reasonable prices. There are different types of cargoes that they are built to carry, ranging from containers, vehicles, goods to minerals and raw materials such as iron ore, coal, crude oil etc. Various ships are designed to carry different kinds of loads safely through the hostile seas. Shipping, in fact, is the most popular way of movement of freight from one country to another.

The goods that they carry are completely insured and hence the clients can remain stress free when an unfortunate situation arises. The oceans waves and currents can change direction and intensity any moment of time, but. Modern day ships are designed to withstand the forces of nature to extreme extents. When talking about cargo, they are differentiated into various types; some of them are break load cargo, containers, Crude, natural gas etc. Companies, which deal with cargo projects, use terms such as Oversize, Overweight, International and domestic. Break bulk shipping is used to define cargo which is divided into small parts of a certain weight and volume so that they can be easily and safely carried on a ship. Shipping corporations assist with the movement of different types of very heavy weight cargo that incorporates import and export service so that the client can export or import something from the visiting country.

Goods categorized as FCL, LCL and break-bulk cargo are sent and received from heavily industrialized countries such as United States, South America, Europe, the Caribbean Islands, Asia and Australia. Before entrusting with any such company, a thorough background check of that company is necessary. The shipping corporation must have an excellent track record and should deliver cargo within desired time and accuracy. Many companies use internet based freight management system that enables clients to track their goods and the ships movement towards the desired location. Any delay in such cases is to be disregard by the company as it can lead to huge losses for the client’s business. They should also provide pickups, door step delivery, warehousing and an online tracking of order.

The tracking should be error free and real time so that the customer can know the expected time of delivery. All promises done to the customers by the company should be fulfilled. Custom Brokers are people who help to get your goods into a foreign land, it is a quite complex process as every country has its own set of rules that need to be followed, before entering into their premises. Custom brokers have all the knowledge and information about a country’s import and export rules they make sure that your goods being transferred is completely legal and meets all necessary requirements.

Digital Branding: A New Digital Strategy Bible for 2014

Anyone on the cusp of building or evaluating an integrated digital branding campaign ought to first consult with Daniel Rowles’s new, sexily titled, primer on the subject, “Digital Branding” (Kogan Page).

Ok, so maybe that isn’t the sexiest book title I’ve ever run across. Perhaps that’s because the book works better as a solid reference guide to digital strategy instead of being a zippy, feel-good piece of Dave Kerpen fluff. In this case the title downplays the book’s importance; Rowles ties everything together for the CMO or marketing-savvy business owner who must once again confont their digital strategists. The book flies at 20,000 feet of altitude, which makes it occasionally useful for the hands-on marketer.

I followed my own advice and consulted the book prior to sending a social media marketing proposal off to a prospective client, and, sure enough, it helped me round out my document nicely and achieve extra clarity in my intent as a marketing strategist. For example, I always knew that a digital branding campaign should squarely address an organization’s objectives, but Rowles has a very neat way of explaining how digital branding acts like a bridge that connects those objectives to what your prospective audiences and customers are actually motivated to do. Rowles achieves this by getting you to think again about the “user journey”. If you read this book, perhaps you will be inspired to write a more clever introduction to your next proposal.

Running at slightly over 200 pages, Rowles provides just enough depth to make sure your digital strategy makes sense, and it will cover the following niche areas:

Social Media
Online Ads
Email marketing
CRM and Marketing Automation

Yes, there are also case studies, and they can easily be skipped and read at a later time. Like most case studies, I was left yearning to know more about the back stories, and specific tribulations that each marketer experiences along the way. As is usual for this literary convention, we see cases where digital strategist tries X, and then Y happens. Usually it happens to be a stupendously successful story. For selfish, therapeutic reasons, it would be great to eventually read a case where strategy gets occasionally bogged down in the wilderness of everyday digital branding work.

It is also manifest from reading the book that Daniel Rowles, a business lecturer at Imperial College, approaches digital strategy with an academic rigo(u)r, all the while kindly bothering to lay out the primary purpose of digital branding in clear, accessible English.

Business communication notes

This article contains a few simple business communication notes and links to other online resources.

In 2003, the Harvard Business Review Press wrote in Business Communication (Harvard Business Essentials):

“Communication is an essential function of enterprise. Whether written or oral, it is the conduit through which an enterprise speaks to its customers…An organization that is clear, consistent, and effective in its communications with customers, employees, shareholders, creditors, and the community is in a good position to establish trust and elicit their collaboration.”

Whether a billion-dollar conglomerate or sole proprietorship, businesses that are good communicators deliver a clearer message and experience more success with calls to action.

Successful organizations are masters at brand management, marketing, advertising, public relations, and employee engagement.

Types of Business Communication

There are various forms of business communication, including:

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Commercials
  • Emails
  • Telephones
  • Video Conferences
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards

Theoretically, any visual, digital, audible, or inter-relational exchange is a form of business communication as it serves to deliver a message and elicit a response.

Barriers to Communication

Communication barriers can be physical or psychological.

Physical barriers consist of the physical appearance of the presenter, including race, gender, hygiene, choice of clothing, and way of speaking. Physical barriers can also include clashing colors, misprints and typos in written or print communications and technical glitches in multimedia presentations.

Psychological barriers can include emotional blocks, such as likes and dislikes of and toward the audience or the message being conveyed; differences in perception; competition for time and attention; and the timing or context of the message being delivered.

Overcoming Barriers to Business Communication

There are many practical ways to overcome barriers to communication in business. People and businesses should always be mindful to deliver messages of help and value to their audience. Also, before a message is delivered, the presenter should be aware of language, tone and content. Consulting others before giving a presentation opens the door to constructive criticism.

Good communicators are also good listeners who are receptive to feedback, both during and after their presentations. The purpose of such feedback is to find out whether the audience has properly received the intended message.

What Are The Benefits Of Soil Testing?

Have you ever imagined world without science and scientific equipments? Are you aware of the fact that scientific equipments have a necessary uses in farming and agriculture? Soil is a thin layer of earth’s crust which provides a natural medium for the plants growth. It differs from the parent stuff in the biological, chemical, physical, and morphological properties. According to experts – what makes a superb grower? knowledge and Experience and! That is why Plant and Soil testing lab equipments are the leader in testing for more than 50 years.

Soil testing is well-known as a terrific scientific tools and devices to assess power of soil to deliver plant nutrients. It is necessary for success in civil engineering projects, construction, and farming. The advantages of testing has been established via extensive field demonstrations, scientific research, and on the basis of fertilizer use by the farmers. In agriculture and farming, a soil examine is the analysis of sample of soil to determine composition, contaminated content, nutrient, and other characteristics such as pH level and acidity level.

  • Why have the soil tested?

Testing and examine takes the guesswork out of holding the soil in best condition for plant development & growth. Every plant has different nutrient and pH requirements. Examine is cheap when compared to investments in your efforts, time and plants amendments. The guidelines of fertilizer provided with the test consequences are depended on practices of environmentally-friendly soil fertility management.

Examine will assess the current levels of major micro nutrients, pH, plant nutrients, and provides an estimation of entire soil lead. Recommendations will involve the of fertilizer and limestone amounts, if needed, to suit the necessities of the specific plant. If raised soil lead levels are showed, proper info will be involved with your outcomes to address this issue.

  • Who can take profit from soil testing?
  1. Groundskeepers
  2. Gardeners/Homeowners
  3. Construction Firms
  4. Farmers
  5. Vegetable Growers
  6. Small Fruit Growers
  7. Orchardists
  8. Nurserymen
  9. Greenhouse Growers
  10. Landscape Firms
  11. Lawn Care Companies
  • What Types of Tests are Obtainable?
  1. Standard nutrient analysis
  2. Nitrate testing
  3. Soil pH only
  4. Saturated media analysis
  5. Soluble salts
  6. Soil organic matter
  7. Soil textural analysis
  • Do you Know?

Organic matter plays a key part in keeping a healthy soil. A laboratory only can study the soil and also finds the total percent of organic matter it comprises.

A pH affects all the plant nutrients availability.
Over 18 and maybe more, nutrients are necessary for the growth of plant.

If you want some more information about soil lab testing equipments, or you want to purchase equipments or tools, then Naugra Lab Equipments is the brand name where you can get superior quality and high performance soil testing kits and tools at lowest price. It is the reputed Soil Testing Equipments exporter & supplier that sells their products all around the world.

Design Chairs Can Change an Office

Several different factors contribute to having a relaxing, enjoyable day at work. A day without surprises can definitely contribute to a calm and relaxing shift. We cannot always rely on that occurring. What we can rely on is our favorite chair is going to be there at our workspace. The right chair can definitely help make getting through the working day a lot easier. This is doubly true when design chairs have been selected for the office.

Various different styles and designs are utilized to produce uniquely original office chairs. Managers should seriously think about which of these chairs they should weave into an office environment. By providing those in the office with truly nice chairs, the ability to make the office both more productive and enjoyable is possible.

Comfort is certainly important. Nice office chairs can definitely help those who have to sit in them for a long time. Anyone who feels uncomfortable sitting in a chair for an extended period of time is not exactly going to be able to contribute fully to the working day. That is not something managers are going to look forward to and, in truth, the employees would prefer to be more enthused during the work day as well. A nice, new, designer chair can offer the sought after comfort capable of making a difference.

Older, less ergonomic chairs are not going to deliver such comfort. As a result, workers can feel distracted and even somewhat annoyed. Needless to say, productivity can suffer as a result. Better, newer chairs can mean an equally better work experience.

The type of chairs in an office can also set a tone and a mood. Some might dismiss this assessment, but they should not. High quality designer chairs can really make an office inviting. With solid, newer, sleeker looking chairs, the look of an interior can improve immensely. Really, workers are not exactly going to be very productive when the office environment is a dull or boring one. By changing up the decor by adding amazing looking chairs, the mood changes for the better. A unique ripple effect in the office can result.

Buying from the right seller of design chairs is strongly advised if you wish to achieve the best results. A good seller is going to have a solid array of chairs to choose from and this means no matter what look you are going for, you can find the chair that fits it.

10 reasons to be optimistic about commercial real estate in Southwest Ohio

1. Fiscal Drag Fades

On December 26, 2013 the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 was signed into law. The deal funds the federal government though the fall of 2015. In doing so it removes a layer of fiscal uncertainty that has weighed on the US economy for three years. This news was particularly good for the Dayton region.

The Dayton region is reliant on federal funds. According to a number of sources, 10.1% of all local wages are paid by the federal government. This is due to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The base employs over 26,000 people and it has an annual economic impact of over $5 billion on the region. When the government did shutdown in October 2013, the base was forced to furlough 8,700 employees. A move that highlighted Trulia’s Chief Economist Jed Kolko’s claim that Dayton was the 5th most vulnerable city to a government shutdown.

While the impact of a government shutdown is less in Cincinnati, than in Dayton, the removal of fiscal uncertainty from the US economy will help fuel the nationwide economic recovery and boost consumer and investor confidence.

2. Better Balance Sheets

The economic recovery is speeding up and it is showing in the amount of money that both households and companies have on their balance sheets.

In terms of households, the Household Debt Service Ratio, which shows the percent of disposable personal income dedicated to debt and financial obligations, is at its lowest rate in 30 years (10%).

On the business side, thanks to cost cutting measures and sales, corporate profits are at near record levels of $1.2 trillion. The trend of rising revenue growth is projected to continue, but how much is yet to be seen with fourth quarter results still pouring in. Of the companies, with strong local interests, that have reported fourth quarter numbers to date, a number have seen significant gains. They include:

Caterpillar: The company operates a 1.5 million square foot distribution center in Clayton and employs approximately 600 local employees. It reported $1 billion in fourth quarter profits, up from $697 million in the fourth quarter of 2012.
General Electric: GE’s Aviation division is Cincinnati’s 8th largest employer, employing 7,600 people in the region. The company saw net earnings rise from $4.01 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012 to $4.2 billion to end 2013.

Finally, according to a report in the Dayton Business Journal, many southwest Ohio companies, like Dayton Superior Corp., hope to continue expanding their revenue growth by pursuing opportunities in new and different markets.

As the balance sheets continue to get stronger, so too will the commercial real estate market.

3. Risk of Recession Low

According to the Wall Street Journal Economic Forecasting Survey from January, 2014, the risk of the United States falling into a recession in the next 12 months is down to 11%. This is significantly lower than the 19% risk seen in the January 2013 results. This decline shows that the 50 surveyed economists are growing evermore confident in the strength of the US economy. The lessening risk of recession will only help promote the economic recovery in both Cincinnati and Dayton.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Cincinnati is recovering faster than the State of Ohio. The area is poised to experience continued prosperity thanks to significant employment in marketing, healthcare, aerospace manufacturing, auto parts, and other industries that are experiencing strong growth. Additionally, Cincinnati’s educated workforce is an advantage. Challenges the city still faces include adjusting to government cutbacks and declines in manufacturing and construction employment.

Dayton’s recovery may face a steeper uphill climb then Cincinnati’s, but opportunities exist with transportation and logistics, aerospace technology, and UAV development, which is poised to be a $94 billion industry by 2020 and one the Dayton region would very much like a slice of.

4. Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. created approximately 2.2 million jobs in 2013 and in 2012. Over that two-year span, the country saw net employment growth of 182,000 jobs per month. However, the disappointing December 2013 figure of 74,000 jobs was the lowest monthly result in the past two years. Both Ohio and Kentucky saw net employment increases in December, as well as the full year.

Looking ahead, the Pew Charitable Trust forecasts that U.S will generate 2.6 million jobs in the coming year, or an average of over 216,000 jobs per month. The forecast projects Ohio to add 76,420 jobs in 2014, while Kentucky will see an increase of 30,011 jobs.

The Cincinnati and Dayton metros are projected to see a net increase in jobs, according to the PNC Financial Services Group market outlook for all of Southwest Ohio. In 2014, the Southwest Ohio region will see a 1.4% increase in employment. According to the report, this growth is driven mainly by major corporations headquartered in Cincinnati, as well as the region’s diversified service sector.

An often-used barometer of the job market is the unemployment rate. National unemployment (not seasonally adjusted) currently stands at 6.5%, a dramatic year-to-year decrease of 1.1%. Unemployment rates in both Cincinnati and Dayton finished the year near the national mark. Unemployment in Greater Cincinnati dropped from 6.5% in December 2012 to its current 6.2%, while Dayton unemployment rate was unchanged year-to-year at 6.8%.

5. Fed Likes What it Sees

The Federal Reserve is scaling back its monthly bond buying program from $75 to $65 billion. The $10 billion reduction is a sign of growing confidence in the strength of the US economy and its ability to stand on its own.

In early February, Janet Yellen took over for Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman. Yellen is the first woman to serve in the position and has been the Vice Chairman of the “Fed” since 2010. She is expected to stay the course, set forth by her predecessor, maintaining low interest rates and further gradual reductions of the bond buying program.

What this means for local businesses is that the current economic conditions, which are driving the recovery, will remain. Users and investors, alike, can continue taking advantage of low interest rates to purchase properties.

Interest rates are extremely important to commercial real estate. According to John Krainer in an economic letter entitled Commercial Real Estate and Low Interest Rates, commercial real estate fundamentals highlight the critical role interest rates play in determining cap rates. Not all of the commercial real estate sectors have seen vacancies and rents recover significantly from the Great Recession. However, office, industrial, retail, and multifamily properties have historically low cap rates in addition to the low interest rates. Krainer argues that the low cap rates suggest that low interest rates are one of the few things helping to support commercial real estate prices. (Multifamily is the exception to this as it is seeing rising rents in addition to the low cap rates.)

In Cincinnati and Dayton, the industrial and multifamily markets have seen fundamentals improve significantly. However, the office markets have been slower to recover and have vacancy rates that remain elevated above pre-recession levels. Just as Krainer observed, despite the weak office fundamentals, sales activity is up, especially in Cincinnati. Each of the last two years the Cincinnati market has seen over $200 million in office investment transaction volume.

The combination of improving fundamentals and the continuance of low interest rates should promote more sales activity and a rise in property values throughout Southwest Ohio.

6. More Confident Consumers

According to the latest release from the Conference Board, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) increased 3.2 points to 80.7 between December 2013 and January 2014. At 80.7 the January figure is dramatically better than it was a year ago when it was 58.4.

A rise in CCI is typically followed by a decline in office vacancy two quarters later. With this in mind, the rising CCI serves as a strong indicator that the recovery in the office market will continue and, hopefully, speed up.

In Cincinnati, office vacancy has seen a reduction each of the last 4 quarters, improving 1.19% since the end of 2012. It currently sits at 22.21%

In Dayton the vacancy rate has been steadily decreasing since hitting 28.34% in 2010. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2013 it was 24.80%.

If consumer confidence throughout southwest Ohio follows the positive national trend and remains at a high level, local vacancies should be expected to continue decreasing in the near term future.

7. GDP Getting Stronger

The consensus U.S. Gross Domestic Product 2014 forecast from the NABE (National Association for Business Economics) is 2.8% growth.

As an indicator of local economic strength, a January 2014 study by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, predicts that the Greater Cincinnati’s gross metropolitan product (GMP) will grow by 1.9% in 2014, which is similar to the 2% growth forecast in the Cincinnati Regional and Northern Kentucky Chambers of Commerce Regional Economic Outlook. By comparison, the Dayton area’s GMP is expected to grow by 1.4% in 2014, according the U.S. Conference of Mayors study.

Growth in GDP/GMP should signify continued positive momentum for the commercial real estate market.

8. Tech Cycle Still Has Legs

Venture capitalists invested $7.7 Billion in U.S. tech companies in the third quarter of 2013 and by 2017 it is projected that there will be over 3 billion mobile-connected devices, 2 billion more than exist today.

When thinking about the tech cycle, many don’t think of southwest Ohio, but as a July 2013 article from points out, Cincinnati is a growing center for innovation in tech. The article states, “The metropolitan area… supports a growing community of tech startups through accelerator programs, low business taxes and unemployment, and the connecting power of established companies.”

Cincinnati-based start-ups may not be able to capture the headlines in the way west coast tech start-ups do because they aren’t seeing the same levels of venture capitalist investment. However, it is a strong network of established companies, like Duke Energy and Procter & Gamble, which help facilitate the growth of Cincinnati’s entrepreneurs.

Examples of some of the tech accelerator programs, funding programs, and business support groups in the Cincinnati region include:

The Brandery
The Inkubator
Northern KY ezone
Hamilton County Business Center
Queen City Angels
Vine Street Ventures
North Coast Angel Fund

As for the City of Dayton, it is the State of Ohio’s Aerospace Hub of Innovation & Opportunity thanks to the work occurring at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the University of Dayton Research Institute, and other places around the region. Additionally, the Tech Town development combines business support, universities, and government partners to create an environment that encourages technological development and commercialization.

These are all examples of how Cincinnati and Dayton are both poised for growth as technology drives us into the future.

9. America’s Energy Boom

Nationally, gas prices have dropped significantly over the past year, with 87-octane gas currently at $3.38/gallon. According to the daily AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the average price of 87-grade gas was $3.75/gallon. Despite the year-to-year drop, seasonal maintenance slowdowns at the nation’s oil refineries have caused prices to jump at least ten cents per gallon within the past month.

Currently, 87-grade gas prices in both Cincinnati ($3.44/gallon) and Dayton ($3.42/gallon) are slightly higher than the national average. Much like the national average, gas prices have also dropped by over thirty cents in the past year. Statewide, the average price of gas in Ohio is $3.42/gallon, placing it in the top third in the nation for high gas prices.

Gas prices in Cincinnati and Dayton, while currently higher than the national average, should also decline near or below the $3.00/gallon point over the next two years.

10. Housing Engine Just Getting Started

Nearly 90% of the 485 total metro areas analyzed by Zillow Real Estate Market Reports experienced cumulative home value gains in between 2012 and 2013. The Cincinnati market experienced a total gain in value of $5.7 billion, for a 2013 cumulative residential home value of over $115 billion.

Locally, the Boards of Realtors in both Cincinnati and Dayton cited substantial gains in year –to-year sales volume, but relatively modest increases in home prices.

Smart City Web Technology

Modern cities are transforming. Urban environments depend not only on physical infrastructure but are increasingly integrating improved knowledge communications and social infrastructure to expand sustainability efforts. The evolution of integrated physical, social and intellectual capital for efficient resource utilization is the concept of the “Smart City.”

Some smart cities are built from the ground up with embedded structures and technology. But this option is not possible for existing communities. Some established cities are taking the strategic initiative to transform existing infrastructure as a competitive advantage. Colorado’s own City of Boulder is well known for its sustainability efforts. Xcel Energy launched the SmartGridCity project in Boulder in a pilot attempt to create a fully-functioning smart city powered by an energy-efficient, self-monitoring smart grid in line with the City of Boulder’s focus on energy and Climate Action Plan. Yet as this innovative and well-intended program sputters along over budget, it is an essential foundation for further technological evolutions that are simultaneously taking place.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is at the heart of smart city design – and ICT is rapidly evolving. Consider for a moment the Internet and pervasive technological connectivity of data and information.

Smart cities as the name implies are thinking and responding systems. This activity takes place in layers with the use of the World Wide Web. Web 1.0 is the foundation. Web 1.0 is the foundation that connects information, giving description with text. Web 2.0 connects people such as social networking. Further layers include cloud computing which hosts information and programs outside of the individual computer in a virtual cloud.

Smart cities and developing “thinking” technologies capitalize on the next layers of the Semantic Web, or Web 3.0 which standardizes data formats to provide a common framework to connect knowledge. This enables both machines and users to find, share and combine information more easily. Web 3.0 adds a level of thinking to the foundational infrastructure.

Looking ahead the future Internet or Web 4.0 connects everything in a non-centralized intelligent network that is self-organizing, context-aware, self-configuring and pervasively adaptive. Semantic technology seeks to derive meaning from the data providing an abstract layer above existing IT technologies that enables bridging and interconnection of data, content and processes. This provides far more intelligent, capable, relevant, and responsive interaction with large scale and continually changing data than with information technologies alone.

Smart cities of the future integrate ICT that is fully interoperable between content and semantic technology. Moving from basic content upload to connected applications to networks that “know” for processing in waves that advance from recovery to discovery to intelligence to question answering to smart behaviors.

This smart technology can simplify the complexities of ecological, economic, humanitarian, and sociological challenges. Opening the door for PCs and mobile applications to enable communities to engage in open governance and capitalize on absorptive capabilities.