The Internet is hungry for positive viral media and businesses should feed it

Moods may be contagious on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, just as they are in corporeal reality. A new study suggests that when users generate social media content of a certain emotional tone, other users will reciprocate with content that matches the emotional tone. Another study shows that this effect appears to be stronger when the social media content is positive, thus hinting at an incipient market for positive viral media that users within social networks can share. Adept businesses should produce or partner with producers of viral media with a positive emotional tone to increase online traffic for advertisements on social networks and thus increase online sales.

In a study conducted last year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers found that positive content on social media was more likely than negative content to generate responses from other users. For example, when a Facebook user shares a positive article, it is more likely to prompt a response from other users than if the shared post carries a negative emotional tone. Researchers reasoned that this effect is due to the fact that users prefer to purvey a positive self-image online through the content they create and/or share.

Some online players are beginning to capitalize on the Internet’s demand for positive media. Upworthy, a site with a mission to “make important stuff as viral as a video of some idiot surfing off his roof” according to its website, grew to over six million unique visitors per month in the United States by the end of 2013, according to (To put this into perspective,, a popular site centered on humor and entertainment, was bringing in roughly two million unique visitors per month by the end of 2013, according to

As another example of viral media with a positive tone, one of Buzzfeed’s most-viewed posts is one titled ‘21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.’ These sites are capitalizing on the Internet’s demand for viral media with a positive emotional pitch, however the market for such content appears to remain largely untapped.

But certain new players are entering the market for positive viral media. Like A Boss started sharing videos that feature individuals engaging in acts of kindness or seizing the moment, so to speak. According to the Like A Boss team, the mission of the site is to permeate videos of people “seizing the moment” in the hope that these videos will inspire others to do the same. The site was founded in February of 2013 and grew to roughly 530 thousand unique monthly visitors in the United States by the end of 2013, according to

So, since moods within social networks are contagious, and because social network users prefer to view and share media that engenders a positive mood, there is a market for positive viral media that remains largely untapped. Businesses seeking to raise brand awareness or promote a product, should capitalize on the Internet’s demand for positive viral content by generating their own positive viral media or by partnering with online players already producing it.

Content of a positive emotional tone will be seen and engaged by more online users than negative or sarcastic content, so any business selling products online could increase impressions for online advertisements and drive sales by piggybacking on the positive viral media movement.

Personal Finance Education to Avoid Debts

Debt has been a sad fact of life in the modern times. It has been piling up year after year. Even the governments of countries with the largest economies has loans falling due as time progresses. Even the wealthiest people have payables. Some of these two groups even have liabilities nearing to equaling their assets. In other words, many are in the brink of bankruptcy and even already are so. The same is true with individual persons.

Personal financial bankruptcy is part of the hard truth of debts. Many people went monetarily overdraft and are going this route. The reason behind is that they have managed their debts well. They have not controlled their accumulation of liabilities. Their inability to minimise their payables damaged their personal finance. To avoid this, we need to know to avoid debts.

Principles of Debt

The first step to avoiding debts is to be educated. People are continually amassing liabilities because of their ignorance. They do not know:

The cause of debts
The effects of debts
That debts can be avoided
The ways how to avoid debts

If and when people will be informed about these, there will be a great possibility that they will be able to avoid debts. Their personal finance will improve and they will be able to live a better life.

Policies and Projects

There is a need for massive and widespread education and information drive to cure people of the bankruptcy of their personal finance. If people will be informed and educated about the accounting and economic principles behind debt and personal finance, they will be more capable of making their finances healthy.

Not all people are able to study accounting and economics. Further, many of those who are so are not able to internalise and apply these. The lack of education and information can be addressed by introducing changes in the academe, profession and public policy. Legislation or government projects that will enforce the education of all people regarding personal finance can be created. If there are already such which are existing, they should be revisited and enforced.

Students, as early as high school should be taught personal finance. This should include the introduction the principles in accounting and economics that concretely build the foundation of personal finance. People, whatever their occupation or socio-economic standing in life should be informed about personal finance principles. They should be exposed to money management and life values enrichment. All these should be part of finance essays people read and write. The principles in them should be absorbed by the writers and readers and applied in real life.

Life Values

Hand in hand with the education of fundamental accounting and economic principles which are essential in personal finance are the moral values that need to be imparted to the people. Money management and personal finance reflects the values people have in life. Moral deterioration and bankruptcy are the root cause of all personal finance deterioration and bankruptcy. Materialism and vanity have corrupted the minds and souls of people. The difficult times provide people with income that is insufficient for their high flying dreams. They resort to living beyond their means. Curing the moral decadence of the present times will solve the problem of financial bankruptcy. Building strong moral values within the younger generations will prepare them to be financially stable individuals.

Personal Finance Principles

1. Live within your means. Spend only on things you can afford with your actual income. Do not spend money you have not earned and received. In accounting, it is ASSETS = LIABILITIES + CAPITAL. When your liabilities grow bigger than your assets, you will be bankrupt because you will not be able to pay all of these debts even if you exhaust all your assets. Further, NET INCOME = GROSS INCOME – TOTAL EXPENSES. When your expenses is bigger than your gross income, you will not have any income and you will have a deficit.

2. Avoid debts. Stay away from applying for loans, purchases on account, credit cards and any forms of payables.

3. Debts come with interests. Any form of liabilities require you to pay for interest fees or finance charges which you pay because you use the money or its purchasing power both of which you do not have. in other words, you pay for them for using them.

4. Interest expense does not give you value. When you pay for interest charges, you pay in cash or in further credit. As mentioned, you are paying for the use of money or its purchasing power and you do not get anything or any value in return. It is like a one way transaction. You pay but you don’t get something.

5. Do not use debts to pay your debts. In other words, never get another loan to pay your old loans. You should be especially wary of this when you default on an existing loan because you may be forced or tricked into getting that new loan to catch up on the old one.

Moving Forward

Debt is an ugly truth in life. It is a socio-economic problem. More so, it is a moral issue. It has rooted in the bottom of the morals of the society. Education and information is the solution to this bankruptcy of the people’s personal finances and the bankruptcy of human morals. There is so much that needs to be done. We have to cure the sickness of the present generation and build the foundation for prevention for the coming ones. It might take a couple of centuries but there is still hope and we must start now.

Sports science triumphs at 2014 sportsclub trade show

Whats new? Quite a lot in the world of sports business. Today’s International Health and Racquet Sportsclub Association trade show at the San Diego Convention Center is generating sales success with innovative equipment and fitness training tools that put sophisticated sports science to work. Both club managers and fitness devotees are impressed that superior technology can give them a competitive edge.

A standout technology exhibitor is Vectra, which features 35 patents for its exercise equipment. The key is simplicity. Vectra’s patented level adjustment technology transforms a single bench press into a multi-routine workout mini-gym by converting the elements of the bench press into eight different versions. Vectra’s patent for release at a fingertip improves the precision of distance settings on resistance equipment. Vectra’s cable and pulley technology is so effective the company profits from licensing it to other fitness equipment manufacturers. Vectra promotes its “Made in the USA” technology and manufacturing expertise.

Another American sports business showed how its patented technology is transforming one of the world’s oldest and most traditional sports into a high-tech training tool. Shockwave demonstrated the Indo-Row Studio Rowing Machine, which uses encased basins of water to replicate the experience of rowing outdoors in indoor sports studio environments. The technology approach to fitness has broad appeal because rowing is one of the few sports that athletes of all ages pursue avidly. In addition, overweight and even obese individuals who are trying to lose weight and shape up adapt easily to fitness through rowing, because their excess weight strengthens their legs over time and gets their rowing exercise programs off to a confidence building start. The Indo-Row Studio Rowing Machine also replicates the calming sounds of rowing on the water. Shockwave is adding to the benefits of its technology with exercise routines and group class programs developed by champion rower Josh Crosby.

International exhibitors also introduced new concepts that demonstrate how globalization of the fitness industry is making fitness for all an achievable goal. A German company which operates fitness clubs focused on optimal spine health and physical therapy demonstrated handcrafted wooden exercise platforms designed to relieve pressure on the spine by conditioning muscles to become longer. The German brand Rueckgraet means backbone and the equipment is being rebranded Fle-xx spine care in the USA. TechnoGym of Italy is also featuring a new brand called ARTIS. ARTIS is being introduced to health club operators as complete line of equipment for cardio, strength and functionality. These enhancements to traditional resistance equipment are also improving the company’s competitiveness with CrossFit style workout studios.

One way that advanced technology is improving services for members of leading health clubs is through turnkey outsourcing. Affinitech of Minnesota presented an informational display at the IHRSA trade show demonstrating its integrated technology solutions for audio-visual systems at health clubs. Typically, multiple screens provide a variety of programming and high definition audio can be customized to exercise programs and health club member preferences. Outsourcing audio visual and wi-fi services to Affinitech also lets health clubs focus on personalized fitness solutions for health club members. Affinitech is currently working on a showcase project at the soon to be completed Lifetime Fitness club in Laguna Niguel, California.

Cruise trip For the Baltic On an Remarkable Remain in Tallinn

The season pertaining to Baltic cruising is mostly coming from mid-May through mid-September. In this timeframe there are three intervals and each has his or her positives and negatives pertaining to traveling:

Mid-may to mid-June – The particular prices would be the least expensive in those times along with the packed areas both on the machine as well as on land tend to be fairly modest. Though the times are nevertheless cold and it can be gusting. This is also the particular rainiest time in the Baltic making the actual waters from time to time hard.

Mid-June in order to mid-August * Most of the days and nights during this time are generally sunny along with comfortable, with calmer oceans and less wind flow. Purchasing are lengthier the industry in addition pertaining to banks activities. The actual disadvantages to this period of time is it may become quite hot, it is considerably more crowded, along with the two cruises as well as airways might be completely booked and/or have use costs.

Mid-August for you to mid-September : The circumstances are much similar to for that early time of year, but with much less rain.

Weather is a key factor to take into consideration whenever organizing Baltic getaways because there are several full-day activities. Summer and azure sky will increase a person excursion plus your picture options.

You can find Twenty eight Baltic vacation cruise ports, but these are usually definitely the top:

St. Petersburg, Russian federation – Saint. Petersburg may be the north nearly all area about many Baltic Cruises. From May to Come early july individuals involving Street. Petersburg observe ‘white nights’ or perhaps delayed sunsets and first sunrises having a substantial metropolis broad art festivity that provides free admissions to many galleries as well as exhibits. You may also interested in the particular palace rectangular throughout St. Petersburg, a treadmill of the urban centers a lot of historical museums, parks, along with cathedrals.

Copenhagen, Denmark – This really is one of many ports where lots of Baltic cruise trips commence as well as stop and is a great destination to commit a day on land using its storybook elegance, the Tivoli Backyards, Tunel Trip, as well as the statue from the Hans Religious Anderson’s Small Mermaid.

Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm is another common start off or stop of the luxury cruise. This can be an intriguing 750-year outdated city that will course across 12 destinations all linked simply by connections. A must see is actually Gamla Stan (Old Area) using its filter stone roads and galleries.

Other outstanding locations on a Baltic luxury cruise consist of Talinn, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland; Gdansk, Belgium, Riga, Latvia; and also Rostick, Germany.

There are many cruise lines that supply cruise trips on the Baltic and you can pick a vacation cruise series as to what design cruise that suits you along with exactly what meets your allowance. If you are looking for the a smaller amount congested cruise trip with numerous high-class, Regent Seven Oceans as well as Silver sea Cruises provide these types of. With an upmarket cruise trip choose both Celebrity or even Holland The us. Traces just like Costa Vacation cruise, Norwegian Cruise trip, James Olen, Princes, and also Noble Caribbean provide the well-known and cheaper Baltic cruise trips.

Trading options for income: Liquidity counts

In our quest to understand trading options for income, we spend most of our time locating good chart patterns supported by our favorite indicators, and often forget to consider the liquidity of the underlying option chain. Not only does the lack of liquidity make it difficult to adjust or exit a position, it has a steep cost due to wider bid/ask spreads.

Liquidity is a crucial criterion in the selection of an underlying. It is not enough to limit our selection to equities or ETFs with high daily volume (typically in excess of 1 million shares), it is also important to review the option chain to ensure it has both depth and breadth: the greater the depth, the more strikes are available; the greater the breadth, the higher the volume and open interest at each strike. As depth increases, we find that the increment between strikes grows smaller (typically, $1 to $5, based on the price of the underlying. As breadth increases, we find that the spread between the bid and ask gets smaller.

In addition, we rely on the Probability Model to calculate the location of our short strikes using the 1 SD (standard deviation) expected move (or multiples thereof). Option chains lacking liquidity are inefficient resulting in skewed option prices, and this leads to distortions in IV (implied volatility) and corresponding probabilities.

To get an idea of the costs, Tasty Trade looked at the following stocks using a 1 lot Strangle with varying bid/ask spreads for one year of earnings: INTC, JPM, NDAQ, and PDCO. They took the spread x 100 x 2 contracts x 2 (round trip) x 4 earnings cycles. The theoretical slippage costs ranged from $16 to $240.

Taking this to the next level, Tasty Trade tested the effects of option chain liquidity over an extended period. To do this, 3 liquid (option bid/ask spread of 1 – 2 cents) and 3 illiquid stocks (option bid/ask spread of 10 – 15 cents) were selected and traded only during earnings over 5 years.

The results: the liquid stocks had a theoretical slippage cost of $240 to $480, while the illiquid stocks had costs ranging from $2,400 to $3,600 (assuming fills could be made).

In conclusion, we can see that illiquid option chains can be very costly. This test assumed that fills were made, when in reality many would not have been filled even at market prices (since the market maker will increase the market price). It is, therefore, imperative that you trade only underlying with liquid option chains.

Free skincare gift with purchase of any Tria skincare device

Receive a free skincare gift with any age-defying laser, hair removal laser, clear skin devices or any devices from Tria when you follow this link and use the coupon code AFFSKINCARE until 5/20/2014.

Jump into spring and start your way to great skin with these wonderful skin care devices. From hair removal to anti-aging and clear skin the devices from Tria help you improve the quality of your skin and make you feel confident about your look.

Stop shaving and waxing and with the Hair Removal Laser that is the first FDA approved laser for home use. The laser will have you hair free within a 3 month time frame, just in time for summer! Best of all it is simple and painless.

Enjoy the clear, smooth radiant skin you’ve always coveted with the Skin Perfecting Blue Light. It penetrates deep in your pores to get rid of acne-causing bacteria and will help prevent future breakouts. Learn more!

The Tria Age-Defying laser can easily restore the natural luminosity of your entire face and smooth out hard to treat wrinkles on your face. It does this by penetrating beams of light that rebuild collagen beneath the skins surface. You will start noticing the difference in as little as 2 weeks with continuous use. See how easy it is to use and watch the online video.

For a limited time, get a 2-week skincare starter kit plus Finishing Eye Treatment ($90 value) with the purchase of an Age-Defying Laser. Use the Code AFFSKINCARE when checking out.

Plus with all orders you will receive free shipping and a money back guarantee. Be sure to read the reviews about the products you are interested in on the site before ordering.

Learn more about all the different products and receive your free gift when shopping on the Tria Site.

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Auto Title Loans

Applying for a car cash loan is quite a simple process as it helps one in availing instant cash while exchanging your car. By following simple steps, you can have access to money within a few business days, eliminating the need to wait for months for getting credit. To start with, it is important to understand what a car cash loan is. These loans work by allowing the applicant to get credit while putting the vehicle title as collateral. Even when the lender will keep the title of the vehicle, the applicant has complete freedom to keep the vehicle and drive it. You get the money quickly and followed by this, you need to pay the entire amount back within stipulated period. Auto title loans are quite a popular option for all those who fail to get a loan from bank. Like any other credit option, these have certain pros and cons associated to them. The cons are definitely low as compared to the pros for this type of credit.

Advantage of Cash Loans Against Car Titles

  • Instant cash: The biggest benefit of availing cash against car titles is that you need not to follow any sort of rigorous application process. The cash is available within a few working days making them the loans with fastest turnaround time. Once the lender analyses your car condition and suggests the market value for it, you are all set for the cash.
  • Easy Eligibility Criteria: Unlike, traditional bank loans that require one to adhere by rigorous eligibility criteria, this credit option has minimum restrictions. The foremost requirement is ownership of car title. The title is further kept as collateral. Similar to the home equity option, where money is lent based upon the house’s value, the credit is provided based upon car’s present condition. The lender allows the applicant to draw credit up to 50 percent of the value.
  • No credit check required: If you have a bad credit history and this has always let you down while applying credit, you need not to worry. This credit option allows you to draw money without worrying about factors like previous history. The lender does not bother about the previous history as long as they have a collateral asset in their hand. So anyone, anywhere can avail this credit option irrespective of the current credit history or market reputation.

Inexpensive Fishing Lodges in Alaska Makes the Best Out Of Your Vacation

When you fish in Alaska, timing is the whole thing. It simply means, each kind of fish have their own time on when they are available and on what time that particular kind of fish is very countless in number. When you plan to have be booked with one of the resorts in the place, try to look up if the kind of fish that you want seize is available in that particular place.

When you are in your vacation, try to reside in an affordable Alaska fishing lodge. This place is the one that suffice all of the facilities that you can also have an easy access in the water. Most of the packages must have an easy access to the ocean, must have an enormous meals, guide accommodation and fish processing. So, you can get all that you want in just one trip. There are so many options for choosing fishing lodges. Alaska is a place that provides folks a huge diversity and amount of fishes that can be fish. This fishes can be catch in many regions of Alaska at specific seasons. The most common but known fish in Alaska is the salmon and the second is the halibut. You have many choices for an Alaska fishing lodges that are available. You might possibly search one of these affordable Alaska fishing lodges in the web, lodges that offers a complete package with good quality of services in an affordable cost.

Opt for an affordable Alaska fishing lodge that are completely composed of skilled and well trained fishermen. A fisherman that knows the best routes in Alaska where you can seize a huge variety of fishes and is already guiding on fishing trips for almost a long period of time. These fishermen adore fish and they will give you a one of a kind fishing experience to make the most out of your vacation or fishing trip. These lodges will surely help a lot in making your vacation in Alaska a very unforgettable one.

These Alaska fishing lodges is also providing guest affordable Alaska fishing equipments that you might possibly need in your fishing trip. Almost a number of fishing lodges in Alaska is built to be huge enough to be able to occupy a large quantity of guests, in which every guest could possibly have personal or individualized accommodations. With all of the astonishing quality that is inbound in these affordable fishing lodges in Alaska, there is no other better place to reside and to have fun for fishing.

Enjoy the Luxury Baltic Cruises and Spend Your Vacation in Style

The luxury Baltic cruises depart from Southampton and Dover before they take you through a journey to the most grandiose landscapes. This covers everything from snow-capped mountains, crystal lakes, rolling valleys and dusk at midnight. This is the Scandinavian region. It is located in Northern Europe and it includes the kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The region is not only breath-taking, but also very prosperous; this makes it an ideal destination for a luxury cruise. The great thing about these cruises is that, since they are so close to the Baltic shield, you can explore this overlooked but mesmerizing region.

Copenhagen and Stockholm are the largest cities in the region and are dripping with historical and cultural extravaganzas. The visitors can involve themselves in the multicultural and urbane nature of the Scandinavian Region. Helsinki, the capital of Finland also is also a high priority visit around the area. It charms its visitors with things ranging from its magnificent architecture to its quirky restaurants.

The largest share of time of the visitors is spent in Oslo. Oslo is the capital of Norway gives you a taste of the real breath-taking beauty of the country. It is perfect mix of contradictions as it is a large, yet cosy; relaxed yet charming. Bergen is the second must-visit place in the western islands. It has a mix of the most fabulous destinations and the most amazing people. The port is a World Heritage site and is in very close to the fjord lands in Western Norway.

The popular ports of call in this region include Copenhagen in Denmark; Helsinki and Mariehann, Finland; Bergen, Flaam, Molde, Olso and Trondheim, in Norway; Stockholm and Visby, Sweden. The cruise usually starts from Copenhagen, or Dover which is a major ferry port in South East England. The cruise also includes ports in Russia, Iceland, or the United Kingdom.

The luxury Baltic cruise includes places like Azamara, Celebrity, Crystal, Hapag-Lloyd, Oceania, Ponant, Regent Seven Seas, Sea Cloud, Silversea and Yachts of Seabourn. The most interesting of all the lines is the Crystal Cruise. The fleet here has two ships, The Crystal Serenity and The Crystal Symphony. The guests have an experience like no other in this cruise liner. They can relax in the luxurious accommodations and unwind at the Feng-Shui spas at sea. Not only this, the cruise also offers fabulous food by the renowned chef, Nobu Matsuhisa and a variety of beverages ranging from fine wines, champagne, premium sprits and even non-alcoholic beverages.

These cruises will cut you off from reality and calm your mind, they will help you unwind in a way that you have never before.

As the EU prepares for sanctions, Russia threatens to put oil on a gold standard

First it was the United States, which threatened Russia with economic sanctions and even a removal from the G-8 over their intervention in Ukraine and the Crimea. And now, on March 13, Europe appears to have finally gotten on board as well as the EU officially voted to impose their own form of sanctions on the Eur-Asian Superpower for the first time since the Cold War.

However, like with the Syrian crisis of last September, Russia is quickly retaliating with their own economic threats, and one major action that they could undertake as a response is to discard the Petro-Dollar and demand physical gold as payment for energy purchases in both oil and natural gas.

Just as the Iranians did under U.S. sanctions just a few years ago.

The biggest factor driving gold prices at the moment is the increasing tension between the West and Russia over Ukraine. The EU agreed on a framework yesterday for its first sanctions on Russia since the Cold War.

Russian government officials and businessmen are bracing for sanctions resembling those applied to Iran, and should Russian foreign exchange reserves and bank assets be frozen as is being suggested, then Russia would likely respond by wholesale dumping of their dollar reserves and bonds, and could opt to only accept gold bullion for payment for their gas, oil and other commodity exports. – Silver Doctors

Europe currently relies upon Russian oil and natural gas to supply 30% of their energy needs, but these numbers are much higher in specific nation states within the European Union. And with more energy being controlled by Eur-Asian syndicates like Gazprom at the same time production from OPEC is declining, Europe could look for other sources to replace their current reliance on Russia but with costs that would escalate greatly.

Iran was the first to use gold as a means to bypass economic sanctions when it engineered a process that allowed oil sales to go through Turkey, which played the role as middleman in the oil for gold program. This major sea change was not the first attempt in undermining the U.S. and the Petro-Dollar system, but it was the first one to be successful in fighting back against dollar hegemony and America’s use of sanctions to inflict economic war on a nation.

The conflict in Ukraine is eerily similar to the civil war in Syria, and the Arab Spring rebellions of just a few years ago, where U.S. funded insurgents attempted to overthrow sovereign governments to strengthen their hold over the global reserve currency. And just as news tying the U.S. to the confiscation of Ukrainian gold from their central bank comes out, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts appears to be correct in saying that the entire conflict in Ukraine is tied to an economic war against Russia, with the U.S. and the EU trying to confiscate or control their oil pipelines in an attempt to force the continuation of the Petro-Dollar system.